â€œNot a day goes by when we don't get great enjoyment out of the pool and patio you designed.  You got inside our heads and created what was in our minds!  We could never have created our house site and driveway as beautifully as you designed it.”  -Sue Hoyt

Why choose a Landscape Architect?

At HDLA we have had the pleasure of working on some of the most beautiful homes in Central Virginia.  Our designs are all as unique as the owners, and it is our mission to help clients realize their site's full potential.  Consider the following:

  • Design team possess Master's Degrees, Licensed by State, Fully Insured
  • We can determine the best location and orientation for your new home

  • Landscape and Hardscape improvements increase your overall property value

  • Our focus is solely to provide the best design service possible, thereby freeing the customer to shop (bid) the best landscape contractor. (we can also manage this for you)

  • High level of design service, usually prepared in AutoCAD for increased precision and greater flexibility regarding customer changes

  • We don't own or represent landscape products (plants, mulch, pavers, etc.) so we are free to utilize the best products that meet your budget

  • Free consultation, give us a call to arrange an appointment.  (434) 528-5184

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